Studio EHKS

Recent Work


Born out of a slim budget, an LED light, and the lack of a lamp shade.

Good Shit

Custom stamp using the ubiquitous "poop" emoji.


Cast plaster obelisks with acrylic dyes.

Atrophic Retopography

Computational design project done for fourth year design studio. Collaborators: Steven Ko

SpongeBob Booth

Booth built for CMU Spring Carnival "as seen on TV". Collaborators: Billy Snow, Matthew Ho

Arch Pavilion

CNC cut plywood assembled into a catenary arch pavilion. Collaborators: Anna Bieberdorf, Phil Denny, Matthew Ho, Sandra Kalanyan, Adam Lans, Angela Mitchell, Emily Puhnaty, Kim Schuessler, and Monica Tong

Instagram Feed

Smaller projects, doodles, and progress will be updated on Instagram

Meet Us



Born in the Bay Area.
Raised in the Boston Area.
Studied Architecture at Carnegie Mellon.

I like to make things to suit my immediate needs. If something doesn't meet my expectations of performance, I will improvise a way to make it do what I want. Sometimes I break things just to see how they fall apart.
I like birds, outer-space, and gadgets.



Born in the wild.
Raised in the Boston Area.
Studied napping at Baypath Humane Society.

I enjoy sleep so much that I was named after Sleeping Beauty. Sometimes, if I like how something smells, I will ignore everybody else and follow the scent. In my free time, I make abstract art with my nose on panes of glass.
I like snacks, squirrels, and that last patch of sun.

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