Mental Architecture

This body of work explores the abstraction of geometry and color and the difficulties of translating emotion and routine onto a canvas through ones body. Each painting grows as layers of color are added to capture moments and gestures throughout the weeks a canvas can live on the floor of Emerson's apartment. The large gestures of color are laid by the artist using only his own body as a brush, and complimented with hard-edged geometries to attempt to illustrate the beautiful dissonance that comes with living in such a busy present.

acrylic paints

55" x 55"

31" x 58"

31" x 58"

Flames of a Cursory Youth

Both honest and dishonest about its own materials, this quadriptych is gilded with the halcyon and oft rehashed memories of a youth spent simultaneously carefree and full of doubt.

acrylic paint, 23k gold

44" x 64" sold